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Bronson & Associates
Personal Injury, Family,
Employment & Consumer Law
15 West
8th Street, Suite A
Tracy, CA  95376








The people who work at Bronson & Associates of Tracy, California are committed to providing unsurpassed professional, aggressive legal represenation. As you travel our web pages and learn about our firm, you will understand our dedication to the practice of law.

. Personal injury areas of practice include automobile to automobile collisions and collisions with trucks and aircraft crashes. We do extensive California Family Law representation, focusing on dissolutions with complicated financial community/separate asset issues as well as paternity, child custody and adoption. Our consumer law ares of practice concentrates on lawsuits, including class action lawsuits in volving predatory lendors, RESPA, TILA HOEPA violations. We also handle consumer lawsuits involving faulty appliances, drugs and other products, for individuals who are entitled to safe products. When a manufacturer or seller provides an unsafe product or one that is not right for the use the consumer intends, the maker or seller is responsible for the defective product. Premises Liability representation assists our clients by requiring an owner or tent to be responsible for what happens on their premises, for example a mall, store, hotel or house. We also handle cases for people who are terminated from employment for the wrong reason such as age, sex or disability discrimination. Our practice in probate centers around representing people who are left with handling the affairs of a decedent.

Telephone: 209-830-0400
FAX: 425-969-4318
E-mail: MsLaw@TheLaw.Bz


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