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Welcome to Consumer Awareness, Rights & Enforcement Society aka Cares, organized to educate and assist consumers in enforcing their consumer rights. Our primary focus is on unfair business practices such as unfair debt collection practices, unfair banking practices including unlawful overdraft fees practices and internet based deceptive, unlawful advertising such as covert software downloads onto unsuspecting internet users' computers. We concentrate on class action lawsuits as a means of enforcing consumers' rights. Further, we handle consumer lawsuits involving faulty appliances, drugs and other products, for individuals who are entitled to safe products. When a manufacturer or seller provides an unsafe product or one that is not right for the use the consumer intends, the maker or seller is responsible for the defective product and CARES will assist the consumer in enforcing their rights and recovering any damages.

We offer comprehensive educational tools and resources for the consumer and those can be found at the Legal Resources Site

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