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Custody and visitation, support, parentage, property division, divorce...

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Family Law
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Auto accidents, slip/trip & falls, unsafe premises..if you have been injured as a result of someone else.

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Personal Injury
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Cases on behalf of many people similarly injured by same defendant(s, in same manner, can give rise to a class action lawsuit.

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Consumer Class Actions
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Unauthorized internet downloads that interfer with computer performance, bait & switch cases, misleading and/or false advertising cases, and more

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Unfair Business Practices

About Bronson & Associates

We at Bronson & Associates are committed to providing unsurpassed professional, aggressive legal representation. As you travel our web pages and learn about Bronson & Associates you will understand our dedication to the practice of law. Our business philosophy has always been "strive for the best, be first, be better and ALWAYS be human". In the technology era we live in today, being human while striving for the best, requires use of the advancements of technology in the practice of law. Bronson & Associates is proud to be one of the few and maybe the only Law Office in San Joaquin County that operates using the most sophisticated legal technology in the management of cases. That means reduced legal fees to clients and lightening fast production. We have always cherished the three pillars which our company has always stood upon:

           A Commitment to Excellence * A Passion for Justice * Desire For Fair Pricing


About Our Practice Areas


Custody and Support

We represent clients in both establishing custody and support orders as well as modifications to them. Check out our child and spousal support calculators.

Domestic Abuse

In cases involving domestic violence, whether it be emotional and/or mental abuse, we can assist you in obtaining emergency protective orders.

Asset/Debt Division

Community assets and debts need to be divided in a divorce and we can guide you on taking the best approach.

Divorce and Spousal Support

As a full service Law Office we are able to handle all phases of your case from beginning to entry of Judgment!

30 Years Experience

Experience brings knowledge about what to expect and with that comes knowing how to manifest your goals in your case.

Enforcement of Support Orders

If your have a support order that is not being paid, call us to see what your options are for collecting on the order..

Unfair Business Practices...

Bait and switch tactics, uninvited internet and e-mail downloads that interfer with computer performance, such as browser redirects, home page hijacking, installing unwanted adware, etc...

30 Years Experience

Domestic Abuse

If you think you may be in an abusive probably are. If you want to learn more, click here to be taken to our Domestic Abuse Safety Help ("DASH") page.

Divorce and Asset Division

Whether you have complicated large asset division issues or a simple judgment of dissolution of marriage, we will experience in both. Call us today for a free consultation

Child Support and Spousal Support

Whether you need to establish child and/or spousal support orders or need modification of one, we have the expertise in both.

Unfair Business Practices

Stealth downloads, uninvited spam, browser redirects, bait and switch and many other internet invasions .

Inundated with Spam

We prosecute spammers. Call us today.

Uninvited Internet Downloads

Is your computer acting up? Did you recently download software? Call us today we may be able to help.

Personal Injury

Call us if you have suffered injuries from an auto accident, slip and fall, trip and fall or other incident involving liability of a third party. We are here to help. Call us: 209-830-0400

Support Modification

Wondering if your support should be modified up or down? Call us today and find out.

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Your rights to child and spousal support generally begin when an application is filed with the Court, lost forever. Why? Because the Court's power to order RETROACTIVE support is limited!

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We will prepare and file the legal paperwork, as necessary, in your case ...

And, guide you each step of the way.

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Your own online electronic case

We maintain an online client portal where a copy of your file is maintained so that you can log in anytime, morning, noon and night, to obtain information about your case. Our client portal is also a place to communicate with us at your convenience.

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Child custody problems?

There is nothing more important than your children and nothing more important than establishing a custodial/visitation arrangement that meets the best interests of your children durig the turbulent times of separation and divorce. We are here to help, feel free to call us.

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Use your one free consultation

Protect yourself by making informed decisions that will help you avoid the missed fortunes that often occur when traveling the bumpy roads of litigation.


Legal Counsel You Will Swear By, Not At!

See what else our clients say about us...

Got much more than expected!

Got me what I wanted and more. My case ended up helping others similarly situated when Bronson successfully turned the case into a class action lawsuit with me as one of the class representative. My recovery turned out to be so much more than I ever expected.

image01Scott C | Class Action Representative -

Aggressive and effective!

When they say aggressive they mean it. Attorney Bronson aggressively represented me in a heart wrenching complicated custody case that she brought to a prompt and successful resolve...without breaking the bank!

image01Bianca S. | Custody and Support Modification

TRO within a day

Bronson saved me and my daughters from my physically and mentally abusive ex-husband. Bronson went that extra step working around the clock to get me an immediate restraining order within a day.

image01Myra A. | Mother of two, Domestic Abuse, Divorce, Support

Fast, high recovery

I had a horrible back and neck injury from a car accident. Ms. Bronson settled it quickly after my initial attorney sat on it forever. She got me almost twice what the other attorney valued my case at.

image01Sherry C. | Mother of 3 - Personal Injury